Scene of the Month: Minneapolis
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August, 1st 2021

Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for its legendary music scene. Not only has the city produced artists like Prince, Lizzo, Bob Dylan and Atmosphere, but it is also home to a vibrant community of local artists. Venues like First Avenue and The Varsity Theater are known for their contributions to the lively sound of the city, and it seems like new artists are popping up every day. Events like Rock the Garden, The Twin Cities Jazz Festival and DIY basement shows help introduce people all over the city to a variety of artists and genres, helping to build vital connections between artists, venues, and the community.

I grew up in Minneapolis, and it was there I first learned about the power of live music and connecting with people in the local music industry. Indie, punk, reggae, jazz, funk: Minneapolis has a place for it all. To learn more, we chatted with artists who call the Twin Cities their home. Check out the highlights below!


Throughout the last few years, Jake Luppen has come up as one of the biggest artists in the Twin Cities music scene. (You might know him as the frontrunner for indie-rock group Hippo Campus!) Check out our full interview with Jake here!


Keep for Cheap is a prairie-rock band from the Twin Cities. Throughout the last few years, the band has frequented basement shows, coffee shops and notorious venues such as First Avenue — 7th St. Entry. Check out the full interview with member Autumn Vagle here!


Frank Heaney is a solo artist from Minneapolis who also performs with his band, The Misdemeanors. You can find him on Spotify, and check out our full interview here!


First Avenue is the epicenter for live music and entertainment in the Twin Cities. The venue has housed world-class artists such as Prince, B.B. King, The Strokes and Patti Smith, as well as countless local acts. Learn more about the venue here!


The Armory is a Minneapolis venue with a rich history. Built in the 1930s, the building was originally used for concerts, political conventions and sporting events. In the 50s, it was used as the primary court for the Minneapolis Lakers. In 1982, it starred as the background for Prince’s ‘1999’ music video. Today, it remains one of Minneapolis’ top venues. Learn more about the Armory here!

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