Humane Music Recommendation Technology

What is Humane Technology?

Inhumane Music Technology

Localify: A case study in Human Music Recommendation Technology

  1. Focusing the listener’s attention on local artists and artists who have shows at small venues in the listener’s hometown.
  2. Upweighting less popular artists during recommendation to give them a fighting chance at discovery.
  3. Creating playlists that alternate between familiar artists and similar local artists so that local artists are discovered in a relatable context.
  4. Creating a blog with articles like this that clearly articulate our goals & intentions.
  1. Pledging to never allow “pay for play” to have an influence on our recommendations.
  2. Pledging to never sell any listener data.*
  3. Pledging to be respectful and responsive to listener AND artist feedback since music recommendation is a two-sided market.

Call to Action

  • Send us your feedback especially if you are a musician, work at a music venue, or love going to live shows.
  • Help spread the word by telling your friends.
  • Take time to label where your favorite artists are from using the Localify interface (see green box above).
  • If you are in marketing, help us develop and execute a marketing plan.
  • If you are a social science researcher, help us design experiments that can measure Localify’s impact.
  • If you are a computer programmer, help us build out




Locally-focused event recommendation and Spotify playlists

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Locally-focused event recommendation and Spotify playlists

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